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Qulamrza Sabri Tabrizi


Qulamrza Sabri Tabrizi, 1934

Sabri Qulamrza Tabrizi Haji Mahammadali oglu, literary critic
He was born in the South Azerbaijan. He had studied in the University of Tabriz in the 1953-1958 in the faculty of Persian, English languages and pedagogy. Being admitted to post graduate study of department of English language and literature of the Edinburgh University had defended doctoral thesis on the theme of “Dialectic thought of William Blake. 
During that period he read lectures in Institute of oriental studies of the Edinburgh University and a number of higher schools of the world. During Islam revolution in Iran he continued his   methodic and scientific activities in Tabriz. Being undergone to the pursuit of the believers in the 1978-1995, he had come back to the Great Britain and became commentator here in the television companies. Together with Mahammad Mahmud he had published Country of fires monthly newspaper in the 1989-1990 years in Turk and Persian languages. He was academician adviser in the Edinburgh University. He was elected as honorary professor of the Azerbaijan State Languages Institute. 
Addressing in the congress of the world Azerbaijanis held in Baku with lecture, he was elected as vice-president of the coordination council with world Azerbaijanis. 


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•Views, thoughts, wishes. Baku: Shirvanneshr, 212 page.
•Eternal fireplace. Baku: Shirvanneshr, 2001. 172 page.
•Selected poems. Baku: Shirvanneshr, 2002. 252 page.
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•Abroad call. Baku: Azerbaijan Publishing House, 2003. 220 page. 

Oxunub: 192226