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Abdulla Shaig


Abdulla Shaig - (1881-1959) - the classical poet, writer and publicist of Azerbaijan.

Despite A.Shaig began his creativity with translation and qazals, his first published work was LayLay child poem. However, since 1906, he had created a series of poems of the national children\'s poetry.
A. Shaiq further activated his works in education and school field during ADR, nationalized some schools, and opened classes of Azerbaijani Turkic in Russian schools. 
A. Shaiq’s Position, Let him know, why me?, Mother sister, Nervous man series of stories, Araz revolutionary-history novel, some articles on science, education and culture were met with great interest in literary  environment. Activity of Young Spectators Theater, Children and Youth Publishing House was directly connected with the name of Shaig. For a long time working in one theater writer wrote plays like Khasay, Countryman, Motherland, Fitna, Gypsy girl.  Fitna and Nushaba works are interesting art examples created on the basis of Nizami plots. 

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