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Bakhtiyar Vahabzade


Bakhtiyar Vahabzade (1925 - 2009) poet, playwright, literary critic

He is one of the major figures of twentieth century poetry of Azerbaijan. In his works problems of modern times were described in lyrical-philosophical plan, with new multi-colors.
Since 60-ies Bakhtiyar Vahabzade was one of leaders of National liberation movement. He wrote in 1959, Gulistan poem and devoted it to the epic tragedy of history of separation of Azerbaijan in two parts and joined fair independence and freedom struggle of Azerbaijani nation oppressed under  Russian and Persian Empire. For this poem, the poet was withdrawn in 1962 from Azerbaijan State University claimed to be nationalist but was restored in previous position after 2 years. He expressed problems of nations which national dignity and existence was subjected to oppression of the Soviet regime, and using various methods of literary expression he described events either in other countries or in historical periods. Works directly exposing the Soviet dictatorship was published by the poet after the collapse of the Soviet Union under the name of “Voices from box.


  • My friends.
  • People\'s poet Samed Vurgun.
  • Confess; Shabi hijran.
  • Man and time.
  • Four seasons in one heart.
  • Mugham.
  • Heat of motherland.
  • In fact, the world rotates.
  • Cry for help.
  • Independence

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