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Jahanshah Haqiqi


Jahanshah Haqiqi (1397),

The famous statesman and poet, well-known representative of the philosophy of hurufi. Jahanshah Haqiqi was a third son of founder of the Azerbaijani Garagoyunlu state -  Gara Yusif. 
Having written beautiful poems in native Turkic Jahanshah was known in the history of literature under the “Haqiqi (True) pseudonym.
Haqiqi’s  Divan,is very interesting like the life of poet. Researchers though that this divan was lost as they were unaware of it for a long time. And the secret of the manuscript was revealed in 1961. It became clear that the Haqiqi’s \'Divan\' was kept for a long time in Istanbul, at the palace library of Turkish sultans. During Sultan Abdulhamid the manuscript was lost in library, and then it was found in Egypt, in the library of Alexandria. However, it was later disappeared from this library and reached London. The famous orientalist scientist Minorski became familiar with it here. However, the manuscript was not kept here. The manuscript that occurred to be in New York, at the personal archives of the Armenian collector Arutyun Gazarian, here according to will of the latter, was brought to Yerevan University. Azerbaijani scholar Latif Huseynzade found \'Divan\' here and worked on it and published. 

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