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Fikret Goja


Fikret Goja  (1935) – poet 

Graduated from Moscow Literature Institute named after M.Gorky in 1964. 
In his poems love to motherland, patriotism feelings, thoughts on man and time had been reflected. In many countries of the world he had been in creative trips, and devoted poems to national liberation movements in those countries. He wrote poems  on national freedom fighter of Cuba Ernesto Che Gevara (Letters without addresses), liberation figure of Guinea-Bissau  Amilkar Kabral (Amilkar Kabral), Philippines national hero Jose Risal (Jose Risal), Vietnamese young Li Vi Tom (Li Vi Tom)  etc

  • Sea gull 
  • I owe to all 
  • Fire bride  1969 (in Latvian (Riga)
  • Winter flowers 1969 (Moscow)
  • In sleepless nights
  • Sky looks at sea 1982 (Moscow)
  • Sound of silence 1991 (Tehran) 

Oxunub: 36683