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Mahammadhusein Shahriyar


Mahammadhusein Shahriyar  (1906-1988) the great poet of Azerbaijan- Iran.

Shahriyar’s first book of poems was published with forewords of three great poets and scholars Malikushsura Bahar, Said Nafisi and Pajman Bakhtiyar in 1931 in Tehran. Thanks to efforts of patriots working on protection and development of national literature and culture the work Greetings to Heydar Baba was published in March 1954 in Tabriz. The scientists who wrote a foreword for this publication - Mehdi Rovshanzamir and Abdulali Karang appreciated it, and noted that this poem is on the same level with a number of epic works of world literature.


• Heydar Baba
• All Works (4 volumes)
• Oh, separation
• Divani -Turk
• False World 

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