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Nizami Ganjevi


Nizami Ganjevi - 1141-1209 - a great poet and thinker

Throughout all the creativity Nizami Ganjevi wrote lyric poems, later progressive social, philosophical opinions were expressed in these poems.  
Nizami Ganjevi’s lyrics are distinguished with high art, secular attitude to love, humanist ideas about human destiny.
Nizami Ganjevi was entered in world literature as the author of Khamsa (Five), consisting of 5 poems. Creativity of Nizami Genjevi had a strong influence on development of literatures of the Trans-Caucasus, the Middle East (Persian, Tajik, Indian, Afghan, Kurdish, Turkmen, Uzbek, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, etc.) with humanism and high art and entered in the treasure of world culture. 

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