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Jafar Jabbarly


Jafar Jabbarly (1899-1934) - writer, playwright 

J. Jabbarly is considered the founder of modern drama of Azerbaijan. Since 1915, he began to write lyric and satiric poems, stories and dramas. 
J. Jabbarly besides continuing the most beautiful features of the classic dramaturgy of Azerbaijan had benefited the world drama achievements, too. J.Jabbarly, trying to be an urgent as Ibsen, resolute and courageous as a rebel Schiller, rich and colorful as Shakespeare laid the foundation for social realism in Azerbaijani dramaturgy. 

  • Faithful Sariyya, or laugh in the tears 
  • Faded flowers 
  • Oktay Eloglu (countryman)
  • Bride of Fire 
  • Flower garden 
  • Dilara 
  • Dilbar 
  • Sevil 
  • Almaz 
  • Yashar 
  • Returning  

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