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Akram Aylisli


Akram Aylisli (1937) - Writer

Graduated from the department of prose in Institute of Literature in Russia named after M. Gorky. According to his artistic language and sweet rural romantics his narratives and the stories are very readable examples of prose. Unlike the literature of the Soviet period, he is a writer that creates the image of rural, province man.
Most of works of A.Ayrilsli had been translated in many foreign languages. At the same time he had translated works of many writers (Gabriel Garcia Marces, Anna Akhmatova, Chingiz Aitmatov, Heinrich Böll) into our language.


• Cherry tree.
• Fathers and without fathers.
• My aunty songwriter.
• People and trees.
• Forests of the Kura banks.
• Heart is something unusual.

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