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Rustam Ibrahimbekov


Rustam Ibrahimbekov (1939) - writer, screenwriter

He is known as professional script writer, playwright and director in the former post-Soviet Azerbaijan. Urqa - The circle of love (1991) screened by Nikita Mikhalkov and known in the United States as Close to Eden”.  Film was awarded with Golden Lion Award at Venice Film Festival and “Felix Prize in Berlin Festival for being Europe’s best film. This film was even awarded with American Film Academy Award in the US as the best foreign language film translation in 1992.
He was scriptwriter of Worried of Sun film (screened by Nikita Mikhalkov) in 1994 and awarded the Best Foreign Multilingual film of the Academy Award, the Grand Jury Prix at the 46th Cannes International Film Festival.
And one more their film The Barber of Siberia was considered in 1998 the Europe\'s most budgeted film.
In 1999, a joint scenario of East-West film” written by Ibrahimbeyov and Sergey Bodrov and of which French director was Régis Wargnier, was awarded with Oscar award. 

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