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Jafargulu agha Bakhikhanov


Jafargulu agha Mirza Mohammad khan oglu Bakhikhanov  - (1799-1867), Major-General

Jafargulu agha had got his military education first in Derbend, and then studied in St. Petersburg. Jafargulu agha began military service in Russian army. On February 8, 1829, by decree of the Emperor major Jafargulu Bakikhanov was awarded with the Order St. Anna of third degree with bands for courage demonstrated in the battles. He fought in The Crimean War in 1853, was awarded the Order St. George and promoted to the rank of major-general. Participating in the coronation ceremony of Tsar Alexander II in 1856 (1855-1881) as head of the delegation of  Baku Jafargulu agha became largest land owner of Guba. For exemplary service in the army he was promoted to the rank of lieutenant-general in 1863.

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