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Danyal Sultan


Danyal Sultan (? -1873) - Major-General
Danyal Sultan was last ruler of the Sultanate of Ilisu in 1831-1844, and was a participant of Shamil movement.
Danyal bey was born into a family of Ahmad khan, Ilisu ruler and guard colonel. After death of his brother Musa agha he was appointed by the general I.Paskevich as Sultan of sultanate and ruled it till 1844. For services during this period he was given captain, colonel and major-general ranks in 1842. Danyal Sultan refused the requirements of the Caucasian governor to fight against Shamil and instead supported Shamil and joined him.
With decline of Shamil movement he was taken captive with conditions of living in Sheki after surrendering the Irib fortress, with keeping his military ranks and pension and on Aug 7, 1859 he was surrendered to general Baryatinski. After living for a while in Sheki Sultan Danyal went to Turkey in 1869 and lived there.

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