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Davud bey Yadigarov


Davud bey Sadiq bey oglu Yadigarov (1881-1920) - Major-General
Davud bey Yadigarov had graduated from Page corps at cornet rank in August 10, 1903, near St. Petersburg. He was deputy chief of enforcement division of Azerbaijan National Army in 1918. On October 23, 1919, by order of No. 492 of military minister Samad bey Mehmandarov he was promoted to  the rank of major-general. During August-November 1919, on the battle for the Zangezur  he was the commander of first group of infantry division of General Javad bey Shikhlinski. He fought in battles for  Dyght, Goranzur, Khanazakh, Abdallar and other villages against the Dashnaks. After revolt of   April 28, 1920 Davud bey’s fate is not known.

Oxunub: 152268