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Abdurrahman bey Fatalibeyli-Dudanginski


Abdurrahman bey Fatalibeyli-Dudanginski (1908 - 1954) - a famous military man, the head of the Azerbaijani Legion during World War II.

Abdurrahman bey Fatalibeyli-Dudanginski graduated from military school in Tbilisi and then served in Azerbaijan division. Studied at the Military Academy in Moscow. He was promoted to the major rank.
He took part in the war in Finland in 1939, and was awarded with the Order Red Star. For a while worked as chief of the headquarters of the 6th division in Leningrad area. During World War II he served at headquarters of Leningrad military district, and was the head of 6th department. After the war, he was editor in chief of Radio Liberty, Azerbaijani dept, financed by the U.S. Congress, as well as the Azerbaijan magazine (with J Hajıbeyli). He established close relations with the United States, with Western states, and fought for the independence of Azerbaijan. He died in Munich.

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