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Ehsan khan Kengerli


Ehsan khan Kengerli (1789-1846) - Major-General, the son of the last khan of Nakhchivan Kelbeli khan  Kengerli
Ehsan khan Kengerli during 1826-1828 Russo-Iranian war was one of the military chiefs of Abasabad Tower garrison, the Iranian army sarhangi (Colonel). Later, he shifted to Russian side and had helped them in getting the tower. According to historical sources, Ehsan khan headed the ten thousand troops consisting of Nakhchivan people and Russians.
After the north of Azerbaijan annexed to Russia  he got the rank of major-general and signed  Turkmenchay Treaty (1828) as  authorized representative of  Kengerli, Iravan and Nakhchivan khanates and Ordubad area and was appointed the first naib after abolishing of khanate . In 1840 he refused the post of naib to lead the cavalry group. Later, he fought with courage in the Crimean War (1853-1956) and was with the Order of St. George . The name of Ehsan khan Kengerli is written in golden letters in the Georgy hall of the Kremlin  

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