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Aliyar bey Hashımbeyov


Aliyar bey Mehdi bey oglu Hashımbeyov - (1856-1920) - Major-General
Aliyar Hashımbeyov was Deputy Interior Minister of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, the 1st governor of Zagatala (1918-1919).
Major-General Aliya bey Hashımbəyov got his 1st education in adadiya (real) school, and then was admitted in the infantry school 1871 in Tbilisi. Since 1918 he began the service in infantry units of the artillery troops. At thirtieth year of military service on Dec 6, 1908 he was promoted to Major-General highest rank.
In 1919, he served as head of Supervision department of the Azerbaijan People\'s Republic. After the occupation of Azerbaijan on April 27-28, 1920, he has been pursued and was arrested by one of the executing organs of Soviet power –the head of Special Department XI army, Extraordinary Commission headed by executioner  Semyon Andreyevich Pankratov and was arrested subjected to interrogations and was shot  like other former statesmen of Azerbaijan undergone  the tortures by the Supreme Revolutionary Tribunal (chairman Teymur  Aliyev) on May 29, 1920 at 2 o’clock night.

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