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Amanulla Mirza Qovanli Gajar


Amanulla Mirza Qovanli Gajar (1862-1937) - Major-General
Amanulla Mirza Qovanlı Gajar graduated from military cadet school in St. Petersburg. At the age of seventeen Amanulla  mirza began service on July 19, 1879 with rank of poruchik and was commander of  the ninth Kuban Cossack infantry division. On May 6, 1900, for the exemplary service in regular Cossack battalion Amanulla mirza was promoted to yesaul (Major) rank. In 1915, he wa a commander of the third Kuban Cossack infantry division and he got the rank of colonel the same year on April 25. Being wounded a intense fighting from his leg was sent to the rear front but Amanulla mirza did not stop the military activity. For exemplary contribution to the regular units of Kuban Cossack Amanulla Mirza Gajar received the rank of major-general in 1917. After the February revolution Amanulla Mirza returned to Caucasus and lived for a while in Tbilisi, Georgia and the Shusha. Having not enduring the Bolshevik pressure and feeling the Bolshevik pressure beforehand the general emigrated in 1929 to Iran. Living in Tehran Amanulla mirza Gajar used to work in a military school and took an active part in the creation of a regular army of Iran, was a member of the National Assembly of Iran, chairman of the Iran-Soviet Friendship Society. He died in 1937 in Tehran.

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