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Amir Kazim mirza Qovanlı -Gajar


Amir Kazim mirza Qovanlı -Gajar (1853-1920) - General – Major
Amir Kazim mirza got his 1st education in gymnasium in Tbilisi, and in the twenty-year-old age he graduated from the Petersburg Nikolayev School of cavalry. Serving as cornet-officer in 1873 he was sent for military service in the Caucasus Separate Army\'s 44th Regiment of Nijeqorod. Major Amir Kazim mirza among the best cavalry officers took part in the coronation ceremony in 1881 of the Emperor Alexander III. Cavalry lieutenant colonel Amir Kazim mirza was appointed as commander of the squadron in 1895. In the second year of the twentieth century, he was appointed as the first deputy of regiment commander, and in 1910 he was promoted to  the rank of major general.
Amir Kazim mirza was killed in the city of Ganja in tragic way in 1920 by order of the Tikhareli, the Commissioner of Emergency. 

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