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Asad bey Talyshkhanov


Asad bey Talyshkhanov (1857-1919) - Major-General
Asad bey Talyshkhanov after getting the primary education in first Muslim school and then studied in   one of the best educational centers of that time Baku Adadiya school. Asad bey graduated from Mikhaylovsk artillery school of Petersburg at the age of 26. Being sent to Separate Caucasus Army in 1878  Asad bey Talyshkhanov began to serve at rank of warrant officer in the fifty  second  brigade.
Asad bey Talyshkhanov was awarded with the rank of major-general for exemplary service in the army in April 22, 1916. He was appointed on 25th of July of same year on high post as brigade commander of fifty-second artillery brigade. Major-general Asadbey Talyshkhanov died in 1919 in Dagestan, in Teymurkhan-Shura (now Buynaksk) town and was buried there.

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