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Faraj bey Agayev


Faraj bey Agayev (1811-1891) - Lieutenant-General
Faraj bey Agayev after getting his first military education from school of cadets in Tbilisiin 1837 began to serve in Separate Islamic Army cavalry regiment of the Caucasus. A the seventh year of service the best guard captain (rotmister)  Faraj bey sent to Petersburg as commander of the squadron. In Petersburg, he was appointed as the commander of special life guard Cossack regiment at guard of tsar Nicholas I. 
Faraj bey Agayev rises to the rank of colonel during the ten years of service. Serving in St. Petersburg until 1850, in Guards Cossack regiment, Colonel F.Aghayev was sent to disposal of  the Separate Caucasus  Army same year.
For military activities during  1853-56 (Crimean War), Faraj bey Agayev was awarded the Major General honorary rank. Serving flawless for forty years in the army Faraj bey Agayev retired at the rank of lieutenant-general in 1882.

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