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Firidun bey Vezirov


Firidun bey Jamal bey oglu Vezirov (1850-1925), Major-General
Firidun bey Jamal bey oglu  had got his first education in classical gymnasium in Tbilisi. He graduated junkers school in Yelizavetgrad with the second degree in 1868. Began the military service in Unter-officer rank in seventh Belarus Gusar regiment.  
On October 13, 1897 he conferred with the rank of colonel, and two years later Firidun bey was appointed as commander of the tenth Novotroski dragoon Regiment. For a while he was in service in Warsaw, Rılski and other cities and on April 18, 1906 he was awarded with major-general  rank.

Oxunub: 78111