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Hajibaba Zeynalov


Hajibaba Mammad oglu Zeynalov (1906-1969) - Major-General

H. Zeynalov arrived in Baku in 1923 with the dream to become a military man, and was admitted to a school of young commanders. Successfully completing three years of education Hajibaba Zeynalov  was appointed commander to the second mountain rifleman infantry division of Azerbaijan named after Sergo Ordjonikidze. Upon beginning of the Great Patriotic War lieutenant-colonel Hajibaba Zeynalov worked in responsible position as division chief of the department in unit “N” in the Baltics. Later, H. Zeynalov became chief of Azerbaijan infantry division headquarters No 416. For courage in Mozdok and Ishhersk villages and for military skills Colonel Hajibaba Zeynalov was awarded with the Red Flag” Order. General Hajibaba Zeynalov was a graduate of two Military Academies. He graduated with excellent marks from Military Academy named after M.V.Frunze in 1939, and the General Staff Academy in 1948. After the war, general Zeynalov was the deputy of corps commander, and later was commander of shooter division 402 of the Azerbaijan.

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