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Hasan aga Bakikhanov


Hasan aga Bakikhanov (1834 -?) - Major-General
Graduated from Tbilisi cadet coprs Hasan agha at the age of fourteen had been admitted to Petersburg page corps to increase the military education. After successfully graduating from military school, he is sent to serve in Separate Caucasus Army. For repeatedly participating in miltary marches he has been awarded with orders and medals. For serving certain time in the Russian Embassy to Iran, Hasan Aga Bakikhanov was honored with the Order of that country- highest order of the Shire-Khorshid. In 1856, Hasan Aga married with Bikakhanum, the daughter of Abbasqulu aga Bakikhanov. In 1880 after retiring at the rank of Major-General Hasan Aga Bakikhanov lived till end of his life in Guba.

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