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Hasan bey Agalarov


Hasan bey Agalarov (1812 -?) - Lieutenant-General
Hasan bey in 1830 after graduating from cadet coprs served in the Muslim-cavalry regiment of the Caucasus. Colonel Hasan bey Agalarov was appointed as commander of Muslim cavalry regiment in 1852.
With the rank of staff captain in 1840, Hasan bey was awarded the Order of Saint Stanislav of third degree for excellent services. In 1849, his regiment in the battles for the city of Debrechin destroyed one regiment of Hungarians and capturing four guns Colonel Hasan bey Agalarov  was awarded with Order of “Saint George” of fourth degree for courage in the field of battle, as the first  Azerbaijani.
In 1857, Hasan bey Agalarov, was promoted to the rank of Major General and in 1877 for lieutenant-general.

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