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Hazi Aslanov


Hazi  Ahad oglu Aslanov (1910-1945) - Major-General
H. Aslanov was sent to military school of Transcaucasian with the Komsomol pass. During 1924-1930-he studied in military schools in Baku and Leningrad. He was admitted in cavalry school in 1929 in Leningrad after graduating from school.  After two years of education he began to serve as the platoon commander of III Bessarabiya cavalry division named after Kotovski. 
Transforming into a legendary hero of World War II  H. Aslanov was promoted to  rank of major general of tank troops in March 13, 1944.
Hazi Aslanov’s grave is in Alley of Martyrs in Baku. General was awarded with twice Hero of the Soviet Union, thrice Red Flag Order, 2nd degree Order of Suvorov,, order of Alexander Nevski, 1st degree Motherland War Order, twice Red Star order and other medals  for personal bravery and courage shown at the Great Patriotic War fronts.  

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