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Ibrahim agha Usubov


Ibrahim agha Usubov (1872-1920) - Major-General

Ibrahim agha Usubov demonstrated courage in World War I, after the war began to serve 122nd Tambov cavalry regiment located in the city of Kharkov. 
Ibrahim agha Usubov was in close relations with prominent statesman Nariman Narimanov, Aliheydar Garayev, Mikhail Frunze, and many others, and  for bravery in one of the battlefields in August 1915  he was given the rank of colonel.
Being appointed as  commander of 133rd brigade of  the cavalry division on July 1, 1917, Ibrahim agha was promoted to the rank of major-general.
In May 1918 Ibrahim agha was invited to work with in Azerbaijan National Army. He together with Shikhlinski Aliaga, Samad bey Mehmandarov, Abdulhamid bey Qaytabashı, Javad bey Shikhlinski and other military men had organized the National Army of Government of the Democratic Azerbaijan.
After the occupation of Azerbaijan by the Bolsheviks  Ibrahim agha Usubov and 12 Azerbaijani generals and officers were shot on night of June 16, 1920 on the island Nargin.

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