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Ismail khan Nakhchivanski


Ismail khan Nakhchivanski (1819-1918) - Lieutenant-General

Ismail Khan Nakhchivanski graduated from the Tbilisi military gymnasium (1839), and a year later was promoted to poruchik rank. For a long time serving in the Special Caucasus Army Nakhchıvanski was conferred as rank of staff-captain in 1844 and as commander of the regiment in 1860 he was given the rank of colonel. During 1877-1878 for activities of military leader at Russian-Turkish war he was awarded the rank of major general of cavalry troops.
Demobilized from the army with the rank of lieutenant-general Nakhchivanski was involved in the renovation of the homeland, he installed water pipeline to Nakhchivan, dug springs and built a bath with dome that is protected now as a historical monument.

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