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Israfil bey Yadigarov


Israfil bey Yadigarov (1815-1884) - Lieutenant-General

Receiving the first education at a private gymnasium in Tbilisi on September 1, 1834, Israfil bey Yadigarov was accepted in the Muslim Cavalry Regiment of the Caucasus voluntarily. A year later, Israfil bey becomes praporshik and on 23rd of December 1839 for courage in the battles against mountain peoples he conferred to podporuchik rank. He continued service in Separate Caucasian corps’s headquarters.
For excellent services of the regular army on November 8 1866  Israfil bey Yadigarov was promoted to  the rank of major-general. On 6th of June 1877 in the structure of fighting  army corps  Israfil bey was sent to Caucasus -Turkey borders and in the cavalry corps he served as general in Igdir, Sardarabad, Arpachay, Kurekdara and Kars and demonstrated heroism in these battles.
For fifty years of service in regular army Israfil bey Yadigarov received the rank of lieutenant-general on April 14, 1883. He has retired the same year, and he was given a right to get the salary on terms of life and wear a general uniform.

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