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Mirkazim bey Talıshkhanov


Mirkazim bey Talıshkhanov (1854-1938) - Major-General
Mirkazim bey had graduated from Constantine secondary school of cadets at the age of twenty-one. Prior to that, he studied in the full course of real school in Baku. In common after one year service he was promoted to non-commissioned officer rank, he was after. Being appointed as teacher in Tbilisi at school of cadets in 1884 was promoted to the rank of staff-captain. He worked in this school as teacher until 1891 was appointed as commander of thirteenth company of grenadier Mingrel regiment where he served before. The regiment of lieutenant-colonel Mirkazim bey always distinguished at field tranings and so his place of service was often changed. In 1899 Lieutenant-colonel Mirkazim bey Talishkhnov Mirkazim  was appointed as commander of 119th infantry regiment of  Kolomensk, a year later in 2nd Dagestan  regiment, in 1904 at 206th  at Largo-Kaqul  reserve regiment, after few months at 5th battalion.     For impeccable service in the army for many years, in 1914, Mirkazim bey Talishkhanov has been conferred the rank of Major-General. 

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