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Tarlan Aliyarbeyov


Tarlan Abdulla oglu Aliyarbeyov (1892-1956)

Tarlan Aliyarbeyov graduated from military school in Tbilisi in 1914. During 1914-1918 he participated in the First World War. As a battalion commander of Shamakhi regiment took part in battles against the enemy German.
T.Alyarbeyov during 1918-1919 was the regiment commander in the army, and then deputy chief of Baku city.
During 1923-1929 he worked as Assistant Chief of the military Commissar of Azerbaijan SSR and head of the territorial dept.
During the Great Patriotic War T.Aliyarbeyov served as  416th infantry division commander, deputy commander of the 58th corps. In 1944 he received the rank of major-general.

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