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Khosrov bey Sultanov


Khosrov bey Sultanov (1879-1947) - Lieutenant-Governor of Karabakh

After graduating from the Ganja gymnasium Khosrov bey Sultanov got the higher medical education in Odessa. Khosrov bey Sultanov was one of the 26 persons that signed on May 28, 1918, in Tbilisi, Georgia, the Declaration on announcement of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic on behalf of National Council of Azerbaijan. Khosrov bey Sultanov was appointed as Secretary of War of the 1st government of the Democratic Republic of formed on the same day. Khosrov bey Sultanov was appointed governor general of Karabakh in 15 January 1919. Since 1923, the period of emigration began in the life of General Khosrov bey Sultanov. He lived in Turkey, Iran (1926), and later in France and Germany, worked as a Medical University professor in Germany. Khosrov bey Sultanov, who returned to Turkey in 1936, settled in Trabzon and died there in 1947.

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