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Qamar Almaszade (1915-2006) 
Gamar Hajiaga kizi Almaszade is Azerbaijani ballet dancer, popular artist of Republic of Azerbaijan. 
In 1950, she left the ballet and till the end of 1990-es worked as director Baku School of Choreography. 

Maksud Mamedov (1929) 
Maksud David oglu Mamedov worked as soloist of the Azerbaijan State Opera and Ballet Theatre. He is People\'s Artist. And worked as a choreographer. 

Leyla Vakilova (1927-1996) 
Leyla Mahad kizi Vakilova had a special course during 1945-1946 in the Moscow Choreography School. Since 1953 ballet master taught classical dances in Baku School of Choreography by the end of his life and since 1992 headed the same art education center. Since September 6, 1996 she was professor of the Baku School of Choreography. 

Rafiqa Akhundova(1931) 
Rafiga Haji kizi Akhundova is the ballet artist, choreographer of Azerbaijan. In 1951, she graduated from the Baku School of Choreography. In 1951-52 she passed the course of improvement in the Moscow Bolshoi(Grand) Theater. Since 1970, she is the People\'s Artist of Azerbaijan. And since 1971 she is ballet master of the theater, chief ballet master since 1990. 

Tamilla Shiraliyeva (1946) 
Tamilla Khudadat kizi Shiraliyeva is a ballet artist of Azerbaijan. She graduated from the Baku School of Choreography in 1964. There is a teacher since 1977. 

Alibaba Abdulayev (1915) 
A. Abdullayev was the art director of Azerbaijan State Song and Dance Ensemble. 
For his great contribution to the development of the art of dance A. Abdullayev was awarded the honorary title of People\'s Artist of Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic. 

Amina Dilbazi (1919-2010) 
During 1936-39 she was soloist of the Azerbaijan State Philharmonic Song and State Dance Ensemble, and later was the head of the dance group. Since 1949 he was engaged in pedagogical activity in Choreography School. 

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