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On the title of Hero of the Soviet Union



The title of Hero of the Soviet Union is one of the highest level medals of the USSR. Medal was awarded to persons that demonstrated heroism during combat operations. Later in the period of peace there were people awarded with the title of Hero of Soviet Union. The Medal was established by the decision by the USSR Central Executive Committee on April 16, 1934. 
12,745 medals have been given until the time of the collapse of Soviets. Most of presentation was during the years of World War II.
Israfil Maharram oglu Mammadov was the first Azerbaijani awarded with this honorary title (December 11, 1941).
Persons being the Hero of the Soviet Union for the second time in addition are awarded with “Gold Star medal, and his/her bronze bust erected in homeland. Major-General Hazi Aslanov had been awarded with this title for the second time.

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