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The system of selection of names in Azerbaijan


Giving names in Azerbaijan is regulated by “principle of traffic light”. According to the principle defined by the IT Institute of National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, names that are recommended for giving are considered those under “green light” and names that are not recommended for giving (like, Volodya, Sovet, Kolkhoz, Kombayn, Dilanchi etc.) are considered those names under “red light”. If one of parents of the baby is foreigner, the name accepted by him/her is considered as names under “yellow light”. For instance, Selena, Helen etc. Not giving of names under yellow light just can be recommended. According to statistics most wide spread male and female names in Azerbaijan, as well as surnames and prevailing majority of similar names and surnames among others were defined.

Most popular male names:
1. Ali 
2. Elchin 
3. Vuqar 
4. Anar 
5. Elnur 
6. Samir
7. Elshan
8. Rashad
9. İlqar
10. Vusal

Most popular female names: 
1. Sevinj 
2. Gunel 
3. Leyla 
4. Aygun 
5. Gunay 
6. Sevda 
7. Vusala 
8. Konul 
9. Tarana 
10. Samira 

Most popular surnames:
1. Mammadov 
2. Aliyev 
3. Huseynov 
4. İsmayılov 

Prevailing majority of similar names and surnames among others:
1. Mammadova Sevinj 
2. Aliyev Ali 
3. Mammadova Gunel 
4. Mammadov Mammad 
5. Aliyeva Sevinj 
6. Mammadov Elchin 
7. Mammadov Ali 
8. Mammadova Aygun 
9. Mammadova Gunay 
10. Mammadova Sevda 

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