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The media


Nakhichevan radio operated as a station in 1932 and since 1936 it has been broadcasted on the territory of the Autonomous Republic. 
Television has been broadcasted as an independent channel on the territory of the Autonomous republic since 1963. 
The state committee for radio and television programs functions in Nakhichevan and “Channel-35” within the center of Radio and Television Transmission under the Ministry of Communication and Informational Technologies. 
The “Channel-35” established on July 14, 2004 broadcasts its scientific and publicistic programs on the territory of the Autonomous Republic for eight hours. 
Radio “The voice of Nakhichevan” that started operating since September 19, 2001 transmits on the 100.6 FM wave within 18 hours on the territory of the Autonomous republic. 
The sociopolitical newspaper “Sharg Gapysy” started publishing in 1921. It was founded by the Supreme Assembly of the Autonomous Republic of Nakhichevan and the Cabinet of Ministers. 
“Nuh Yurdu” newspaper of the executive body of Nakhichevan started publishing in 1996. The newspaper plays an important role in the sociopolitical life of Nakhichevan city. 
Moreover, the programs of Azerbaijani television and radio, “Lider”, “Space” and “ANS” channels as well as Turkish TRT and Russian ORT channels are broadcasted in the city. 
The official newspapers of the Republic of Azerbaijan “Yeni Azerbaijan”, “Khalg” and other publicistic bodies (“Iki sahil”, “Express”, “Zaman”, “525-ci gazet” and others) are distributed among the subscribers in Nakhichevan city. 

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