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Fikret Amirov


Fikret Amirov Meshedi Jamil (1922-1984)

Fikret Amirov is a prominent Azerbaijani composer. The role of the great composer F.Amirov in the development of the music of Azerbaijan and Eastern nations is considerable. His symphonic mughams and “Nizami” symphony were performed under the direction of the world-wide famous conductors such as G.Rojdestvenski (Russia), K. Abendrot (Germany), Sh.Munsh (France) and L.Stokolovski (USA). He is considered to be the founder of the genre of symphonic mugham (“Shur”, “Kurd Avshari” and “Gulustan Bayati-Shiraz” etc.). F.Amirov introduced the Azerbaijani music to the world with the genres of symphonic music, stage, ballet etc.

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