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Mirza Kazim Bey


Mirza Kazim Bey (1802-1870)

He is a Russian orientalist, historian, specialist in Turkic philology, philologist of Azerbaijan origin. He is a founder of Mladorossi movement and a grandfather of Alexander Kazim bey. He was the first azerbaijanian member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. He is considered to be the founder of the Russian orientalism. His fundamental scientific monographs such as “The harmony in Kurani-Kerim” (1859) , “Muridism and Shamil” (1859), “The Islam history” (1860), “The gammatics of the Turk and Tatar languages” were used as text-books at the universities of Europe as well. He was an honoured member of  many Academies of foreign countries (France, England, Germany, USA etc.).

Oxunub: 184802

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