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Ilyas Egendiyev


Ilyas Egendiyev (1914-1996), playwright, prose writer
İ. Efendiyev is an outstanding representative of the Azerbaijani dramaturgy. He is from one of the artist that passed through the multi branched way of creativity. İ. Efendiyev had created the perfect works of art in all genres of literature.  He was the leader of the lyrical-psychological style. Main part of his creativity was the drama.

  • Expectation
  • Atayev’s family»
  • You are always with me, or Height flower
  • Destroyed diaries»
  • The song remained in the mountains
  • Khurshudbanu Natavan»
  • Sheikh Khiyabani»
  • Our strange fate»
  • Lonely oleaster tree
  • Clever and crazy men»
  • The King and the girl

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