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Latif Huseynzade


Latif  Huseynzade (1903 2008) - literary critic

L. Huseynzade had discovered divan of XV century of Kharaqoyunlu ruler Jahanshah written in Azerbaijani and Persian languages with Haqiqi pseudonym, and studied it.  He is one of the first investigators poetical heritage of artists like Qazi Burhanaddin, Naimi, İmadaddin Nasimi, Heyran khanum, Gonchabeyim etc. he participated with lectures in conference and symposiums held in Turkey and Iran.


 Decree and letters of Iran shahs to Nakhchivan Khans
Haqiqi. (Yerevan)
Aras Shahittir. Turkic Army general Kazım Karabekir pasha in Nakhichevan.1918-1920 yrs. (Istanbul) 

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