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Qasım Qasımzade


Qasım Qasımzade (1923-1993)

Qasımzade Qasım Khansuvar oglu, critic, literary critic
He had been graduated from Faculty of Philology of ASU. Began literary activities since young years. He regularly takes part in the periodical press with poems, literary-critic and publicist articles.   


Our village. Baku: Ushaqgenjnashr, 1951. 56 page.
Our city. Baku: Ushaqgenjnashr, 1953. 40 page.
Mountains our. Baku: Ushaqgenjnashr, 1955. 74 page.
Nikolay Ostrovski. Baku: Ushaqgenjnashr, 1955. 72 page.
Peoples friendship in Azerbaijani literature. Baku: Azerb. SSR AS Publishing house, 1956. 268 page.
Heart beats. Baku: Azerbaijan Publishing House, 1959. 156 page.
Last meeting. Baku: Ushaqgenjnashr,, 1960. 86 page.
Suleyman Rahimov. Baku: Azerbaijan Publishing House, 1960. 119 page.
Little nanny. Baku: Ushaqgenjnashr, 1962. 16 page.
Song hearts. Baku: Azerbaijan Publishing House, 1963. 68 page.
Violet leaf. Baku: Azerbaijan Publishing House, 1964. 286 page.
İsmet. Baku: Azerbaijan Publishing House, 1966. 160 page
Ashuq calls whatever sees. Baku: Youth, 1969. 300 page
I went, saw, thought B., 1971. 100 page, cop.10.000.
Man lived thousand years. Baku: Azerbaijan Publishing House, 1973. 366 page.
Don’t pass the traitor bridge. Baku: Youth, 1975. 182 page.
Mountains do not allow me. Baku: Writer, 1978. 402 page
Word passing through stone. Baku: Youth, 1981. 206 page.
Nationalism and internationalism in literature, B., science, 1982. 274 page, 1.700 cop.
Since separated from you. Baku: Writer, 1985. 299 page.
Curing bag (poems). Baku: Youth, 1986. 13 page.
Selected works. Baku: Azerbaijan Publishing House, 1988. 336 page.
Our literature and our morality. Baku: Writer, 1988. 405 page.

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