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Abbasgulu aga Bakikhanov


Abbasgulu aga Bakikhanov (1794-1847) - historian, poet, educator.

Father of Abbasgulu aga Bakikhanov Mirza Muhammad Khan II is descendant of Baku khans and his mother, Mrs. Sophia was the daughter of the Georgian adopted Islam. In 1819 Bakikhanov arrived in Tbilisi at the invitation of general Yermolov and appointed as interpreter of oriental languages in the Caucasus General Military Department and worked 26 years in this position. Abbasgulu aga Bakikhanov died of cholera disease while going to Medina from Mecca at place called Vadiyi-Fatima and was buried in the same place.


• Qanuni-Gudsi
• Asrarul-Malakut
• Tahzibul-Akhlaq
• Eynul-mizan
• Gulustani-Iram 

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