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Abul-ala Ganjavi


Abul-ala Ganjavi (XI - XII century), poet

Abul-A\'la Ganjavi is a poet from Azerbaijani Turkic speaking and the most prominent representative of Azerbaijani Persian language literature.  
At the end of the eleventh century, Abul-A\'la Ganjavi shifted to Shamakhy and thanks to his innate talent and high quick wittedness, he soon got the title of malikusshuara (the ruler of poets) in palace of Shirvanshah I Manuchohr, great patron of the poets (1120-1149). 
Divan of poems of Abul-Ala still was not found. We only receive information about his works from Middle Age summaries. His name was known in the history of Azerbaijani literature as great poet and teacher, as the founder of the school of Persian poetry of Shirvan. 

Oxunub: 25256