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Mohammad Fuzuli


Mohammad Fuzuli (1494-1556) - mid-century Turkish poet and thinker. 

One of the most magnificent representatives of divan genre in the history of Azerbaijani-Turkic literature.  
Fuzili is from Bayat tribe, the famous tribe of Turkish origin in Azerbaijan. However, he raised our mother tongue to heights after Nasimi with his most beautiful examples of literary and artistic works, had a strong influence on a classic literature of Azerbaijan, as well as on the poetry of other Turkic peoples, and had created a literary school. His works have been published many times in Tabriz, Baku, Istanbul, Ankara, Cairo, Tashkent, Bukhara, Ashgabat, and highly appreciated by the orientalists of the world.  


• Leyli and Majnun
• Health and disease
• Rindu Zahid 
• Hadiqatus-Suada
• Matlaul etiqad  

Oxunub: 160535