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Mirza Shafi Vazeh


Mirza Shafi Vazeh (1794 - 1852) - poet, is known among the people a wise Ganjali.
M.S.Vazeh became famous in Europe after publishing of “Songs of Mirza Shafi’ by German scientist Friedrich Bodenstedt. The book was also published in languageslike French, English, Swedish, Dutch, Danish, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Czech, Hungarian, Jewish. Some of songs even were translated into Old Hebrew. Only in Germany the book was published for up to 169 times till 1922. Even Die lideq des Miqza Sshaffu operetta was written about the famous poet, and its premiere was in 1887.


•Songs: /trans. from German language. Aslan Aslanov/
•Advices, wise words
• Wise words, or a complaint on time 

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