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Heydar Aliyev Foundation


Foundations in Azerbaijan
Foundations are non-governmental organizations founded by one or several natural and (or) legal persons on the basis of volunteer property payment with the purpose conducting of social, charity, cultural, educational, and other socially useful activities.

Heydar Aliyev Foundation
Heydar Aliyev Foundation is an organization that has an important place in the social and public life of Azerbaijan.
The main objectives of the Foundation are to support to study, publicize and realize the policy that Heydar Aliyev defined for the socio-economic, cultural development, integration of the country into the civil world union; to prepare and realize programs and projects concerning, education, science, culture, health-care, sports, ecology, etc; to support the activities on publicizing extensively the Azerbaijani culture, and preserving good moral values; to serve bring up the children and youth with comprehensive knowledge; to develop infrastructure of children’s institutions; to develop medical and health institutions, etc.
H.Aliyev Foundation realized a number of big projects; in the field of education – the construction and restoration of several schools, kindergartens, boarding schools, providing secondary and high schools with textbooks, holding charity events in the boarding school, etc; in the field of health-care – the construction and restoration of health care institutions, establishment of diagnosis and treatment centers, providing the treatment thalassemia and diabetic patients and taking care of them, organizing blood donation actions, etc; in the field of culture – the preservation of historical and architectural monuments; the construction and realization of museums, the construction of child music schools, organization of international music festivals and exhibitions, the foundation of cultural centers, etc.

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