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Famous carpets


Azerbaijan is considered one of the main centers of carpet weaving in the world. As an example of ancient art Azerbaijani carpets were famous all over the world. Now, these carpets are considered to be the most valuable exhibits of the world museums. Varni and Ajdahali (dragon) carpet are such well-known carpets.

Varni carpets
Varni one of the types of pileless carpet. Varni carpets were formed in Garabagh region of Azerbaijan. Later, it was spread in Mugan and South Azerbaijan (in particular, it is famous in Varziyan arwa of Garadagh region). Varni looks like kilim and carpet for weaving features. Therefore, it differs from other types of carpet. Being light varni are usually used as curtain, load cover and the tents decorations. 

Ajdahalı (dragon) carpet
Ajdahalı carpet type is wide-spread particularly in the regions of the Gazakh and Garabagh of Azerbaijan.
These carpets are known in scientific literature as saljuk. According to experts, dragon image first appeared in the Garabagh carpets’ weaving. Ajdahalı carpets” are preserved in Berlin Museum of Art, New York Metropolitan Museum.

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