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Carpet making artists


Kamil Aliyev (1921-2005)
Carpet painter. He has a special place in the art of Azerbaijani painting, especially in carpet making. Well-known painter Azim Azimzade studied in Baku School of Arts. 
Kamil Aliyev has led to the republic art fund from the 1946.
From the 1950-ies, creation of plot carpets and potrait carpets took the leading position in creative activities of Kamil Aliyev.
Kamil Aliyev has created the best examples of portret-carpets in the world. His fisrt work in this field was Füzuli carpet. 
Portrait-carpets of Ataturk, ex-president of the USA Bill Clinton and his spouse, İndira Gandhi, Shota Rustaveli, Pushkin created by Kamil Aliyev have been appreciated highly in near and far countries. 

Jabrail Ahmedov (1876-1966)
Notable carpet master J.Ahmedov is a founder of Azerkhalcha Production Union. During his activity some carperts with high quality in the collection of Baku carpets (Nizami’s Khamsa, V.İ. Lenin”m, “I.V.Stalin”) for its sizes were the biggest weaven carpets of Azerbaijan. 

Javanshir Aliyev (1948-2011)
Carpet painter J. Aliyev had been awarded with internationaldiploma and prizes for his some art works. He is an author of numerous private exhibitions. His 50% works are known in the foreign countries. 

Latif Kerimov (1906-1991)
Latif Kerimov has carried out activity in “Azerbaijankhalcha unity since 1930 as specialist of carpet art in the position of painter-traner. Carpet of Latif Kerimov devoted to 1000th anniversary of Firdovsi was successfully demonstrated in 1934 in world exhibition in Paris. He had collected composition and patterns on different kinds of Azerbaijan carpet-makers since thousand years and so collected in total over 150 carpets with pile and without from Guba, Shirvan, Baku, Gazakh, Ganja, Karabakh, Tabriz and Borchali kinds of carpets and had prepared its coloured reproduction. In 1972 with initiative of Latif Kerimov carpet museum have been established in Baku.

Aydin Rajabov (1944)
Carpet painter A. Rajabov had taken part in some international exhibitions. His carpets are exhibited in museums of Azerbaijan Republic and private collections in Germany, Norway, and Russia. 

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