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Azerbaijan - Eurovision-2012


Though Azerbaijan participates in the Eurovision song contest for only the 4th time, the music potential of the performers proved to Europe that Azerbaijan is a rich musical land. Thus, in accordance with the contest rules, “Eurovision-2012” – 57th Song Contest will be held next year in Baku, Azerbaijan.
Executive producer of “Eurovision” contest John Ola Sand has already announced Azerbaijan host of the contest and presented the document confirming the host status to the head of the “Eurovision” contest delegation of the country.
The President of Azerbaijan Republic signed two orders on the “Eurovision-2012”:

The order of the President of Azerbaijan Republic on the place where “Eurovision-2012” will be held:
By taking into account Article 109 of the Constitution of Azerbaijan Republic I decide:
1. that a modern Sports-Concert Complex on international standards shall be built in Baku city;
2. State Committee on Property issues of Azerbaijan Republic shall be responsible for the ordering functions of projecting the complex and construction works, for organizing and connecting the works to be done in the construction process of the object;
3. State Committee on Property issues of Azerbaijan Republic:
3.1. shall ensure together with Baku city Executive Administration that an area of land is defined and allocated for the construction of the complex.
3.2. shall realize the singing of a direct contract with the constructor chosen on the basis of talks with the experienced companies, the project management concerning the exercise of contract by involving a professional international advisor.
4. Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan Republic:
4.1. shall take relevant measures within a month on financing the construction of the complex;
4.2. shall settle the issues related to the order.

Ilham Aliyev
President of Azerbaijan Republic
Baku city, July 7, 2011

Order of the President of Azerbaijan Republic on holding
“Eurovision - 2012” Song Contest in Baku
The Television Contest on the best song organized by the European Broadcasting Union has resulted with the glorious victory of the representatives of Azerbaijan Republic this year.
According to the contest rules, the winner country obtains a right to host the contest the next year.
I decree to ensure conduct of the “Eurovision - 2012” Song Contest in Baku on May, 2012, at a proper level, based on the article 109 of item 32 of the Constitution of Azerbaijan Republic:
1. To set up an Organizing Committee composed of the following persons to hold the “Eurovision - 2012” Song Contest in Baku:
Chairman of the Organizing Committee
Mehriban Aliyeva – UNESCO good-will ambassador, President of Heydar Aliyev Foundation.
Members of the Organizing Committee
Elmar Mammadyarov – Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan.
Ramil usubov – Interior Minister of Azerbaijan
Shahin Mustafayev – Economic development Minister.
Abulfas Garayev – Culture and Tourism Minister of Azerbaijan.
Ali Abbasov – Communication and Information Technology of Minister of Azerbaijan.
Azad Rahimov – Youth and Sports Minister of Azerbaijan.
Hajibala Abutalibov- Mayor of Baku
Jahangir Asgarov – President of Azerbaijan Airways CJSC.
Etibar Pirverdiyev – President of Azerenergy OJSC.
Baba Rzayev – Chairman of Bakielektrikshabaka OJSC
Ismayil Omarov – Director General of Public Television and Radio Company.
Ali Asadov – Aid to Azerbaijan President for Economic Affairs.
Fatma Abdullazadeh – Head of humanitarian policy department at the Azerbaijani Presidential Adminstration.
2. The Organizing Committee shall develop an action plan to organize and hold the Eurovision - 2012 Song Contest.
3. The Cabinet of Ministers shall resolve the issues arising from the decree.

Ilham ALIYEV. 
President of Azerbaijan Republic
Baku, May 19, 2011

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