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Baku Crystal Hall


The opening of the Baku Crystal Hall where the Eurovision-2012 to be held, took place.
The complex with  5000 sq. meters of area and with capacity of 25 000 persons differs with original architectures and  especially adorns  the architectural structure of the capital. 
And one of the important factors increasing the importance of the Baku Crystal Hall is its location near the Square of the National Flag. 
The grandiose lighting system used in Baku Crystal Hall, more than 2500 searchlights, more than 3.000 meters of  cables were brought to Azerbaijan from Germany. Some elements of the stage have been brought to our capital in the ready shape from Hamburg. But with cargo planes the modern light-diode technology and video camera system had been carried from different cities of the Europe. The light-diode screens with an area of over 1300 m. were placed at the stage of “Baku Crystal Hall in the form of electron window”. At the screen with an area bigger than last Eurovision show in Düsseldorf interesting appearances of the representatives of 42 countries, appropriate to their performance will be demonstrated. These screens prepared by the globally famous Florian Wieder, designer of Eurovision 2011 Song Contest, shows like MTV Video Music Awards  and X-Factor,  Pop Idol held in the Europe and USA, makes the core of the appearance of Baku Crystal Hall, where Azerbaijan is going to host Eurovision 2012 Song Contest.  The stage and podiums of the arena are presented in this design in the 3D format and the night panorama of Baku is brought to screens in the stage of famous music show.
Availability of Green Room not behind the curtains but in the hall of spectators will make Baku show more memorable for spectators and performers. At Eurovision Song Contests the representatives and funs were not so close ever.
25 HD cameras have been assembled in arena with special system to bring the show to screens with every detail. Thanks to this Eurovision Song Contest will broadcast more dynamic views in 2012.
2 independent mobile audio systems providing the world auditorium with stereo, as well as 5.1 Dolby Surround sounds will facilitate the strengthening of transmission to Europe.

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