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Balakishi bey Arablinsky


Balakishi bey Ali bey oglu Arablinsky (1828-1902)

Balakishi bey was born in the village of Tala of Zagatala region in 1828. Growing in the family of area naib Ali bey Balakishi bey had successfully completed the first-class cadet corps in St. Petersburg in 1848 and received the rank of cornet.
With impeccable service in different parts Arablinsky was promoted in very young ages to the rank of lieutenant-colonel and appointed as brigade commander. Later, becoming the division commander, Lieutenant-General Balakishi Arablinsky in his fifty years of service at that time took part in all campaigns and battles in Russia. Lieutenant-General B. Arablinsky was the first Azerbaijani from Muslim population of Caucasus having higher military education in Russia.  Being retired in 1896 Lieutenant-General Balakishi Arablinsky returned to Derbend and lived there until the end of his life and headed the land area presented to him by the emperor. He died in January 1902 and was buried in Derbent’s ancient Muslim cemetery. Presently there is the village and the station near Derbent named after him.
Lieutenant-General B. Arablinsky’s impeccable services were awarded with various orders and weapons

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